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  • First Header Image (w/ Dome in Middle) is of Shaz City, Imperial Mainland
  • Second Header (w/ Water in Foreground) Image is of Berwin, Imperial Mainland
  • Third Header Image {w/ black borders) is of Jackston, Colony of Alraibris
  • Fourth Header Image is of Plainfield, Colony of Shazbotdom Miroxia

Everything in regards to the Laws of the Empire

Direct from the halls of the Imperial Parliament and the Imperial Palace (Pictured)

About SNC

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Welcome to Shazbotdom News Corporation, the premier news source for the Shazbotdom Empire. With more than fifteen channels across the world, five Newspaper Affiliates within the Empire and more than Fifteen Thousand hits per hour, we are the go to source for news for the every day Shazite.

For the latest news within the Empire, you can count on SNC to deliver. From the Imperial Parliament, to the Imperial Palace, to the Colonial Capitals throughout the world, our staff work relentlessly to deliver you the most in depth news of the latest happenings around the globe. Our four member staff at the World Assembly also deliver news straight from the chambers of the General Assembly as well as the Security Council on the latest happenings from the eyes of the people of the Empire.

For the latest information on Television programming, Technology News, Health and Beauty, Living, Travel and Sports, look no further than our non-political division, who spends countless hours a day researching anything you need to make your lives just a little bit easier. From new technology for the home to the latest in work out routines, we deliver it straight to your home through our news station, right to your smartphone, and beyond.

Our opinion pieces are second to none, with research done on any and all subjects of importance to the people of the Empire, our staff in the Opinion section will tell you what they think of the latest happenings in the world and how it will effect your day to day lives. From the latest in bill passing's within the Imperial Parliament, to new resolutions that pass through the General Assembly, they will tell you what's going on and what to expect in your local legislation after the fact.

SNC is among the world's leaders in online news and information delivery. Staffed 24 hours a day, seven days a week by a dedicated staff in SNC's world headquarters in Shaz City, Shazbotdom. relies heavily on our global team of almost 15,000 news professionals. We feature some of the latest multimedia technologies, from live video streaming to audio packages to searchable archives of news features and background information. The site is updated continuously throughout the day.

Employing the latest technology to ensure a smooth operating web site, SNC and it's affiliates deliver the newss you want, when you need it.

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